Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Surving on $12,000 a year

I've been seeing references to this article all over the internet for the past week. I've read the article, and there are some pretty good tips on how to get by being really poor. Getting by on $12,000 though? In some parts of the states it may not be too difficult. Where I live? Our rent for the year costs about $13,300. And that? Is less than some of the other apartment complexes nearby. Our lease is up in a couple months though, so that figure will be rising. We don't live in a nice area, or even a really safe area, and we pay that much for a dinky one bedroom. A mortgage wouldn't cost any less considering the median price for a house around here is $600,000. I've had a lot of money issues on my mind lately what with trying to figure out where to come up with the money for daycare (does Aaron stop paying his credit card bills? or do I stop paying on my student loan?). None of the options are good options. Would it be really cheesy of me to start a blog just to raise funds to help pay the bills? Would I be able to sell any of my crafts online for a few extra dollars a month? Selling my crafts is an option. I love making things But would they sell? Would it be worth my time? My head is spinning with what ifs.

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