Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Drinking "Debate"

I've been following the drinking at playdates thing thats been going on for the past two weeks. I haven't given my opinion on it because I believe it's a non-issue. Didn't we all grow up with adults who held bar-b-ques and get-togethers and DRANK at those functions? I can remember the adults raving about my Grandmothers fabulous margaritas. Too me, it's just as normal as having pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving dinner. I don't even drink much, maybe 5 drinks a year, at the most. I've had the same bottle of vodka in my freezer for over a year (how long is that stuff good for?)I was reading at Strollerderby that Z Recommends has some badges and being that I love adding widgets and what-not and wanted to say at least something, I added a badge. If you feel the same way go get one!


Jeremiah McNichols said...

Thanks for adding your voice!

Vodka lasts pretty much forever.

Jeremiah McNichols said...

Nancy, I took the liberty of making you a version of the badge you chose with your current background color. If you want to switch, you can find it here.

Nancy said...

Awesomeness! Thank you! :)