Tuesday, November 28, 2006

He Can Be So Sweet When He Is Sleeping

Sleeping Kitty
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I took this just before leaving for the doctors office this morning. He looked so sweet I had to get a picture. The poor thing has been a hellian lately because he is going through so much change with the baby on the way. He has been very needy and whiny and just plain irritating. I can't really blame him though, he's been our spoiled only child for 5 years, and now things are changing. His routine is all scrambled and mom and dad are focused elsewhere most of the time. Hopefully he will be okay with the baby.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Maternity Leave Rocks!

I am officially on maternity leave now. My last day at work was Saturday and it's been so great not to have to worry about getting enough sleep to make it through work the next day, or how tired I will be at the end of the day. The nesting instinct is slowly coming on; I've gotten the pantry cleaned out and today I cleaned out the freezer to make room for the frozen meals I plan to cook this week. Sleeping is still not going well. I am so sore after a 2 to 3 hours that I just toss and turn. I usually just get up for a few hours and then go back to bed for a couple hours; take naps during the day. It's also nice to have "me" time before Baby G gets here. I am very much looking forward to him being out in here in the world; not only so I can drink again and enjoy my venti quad caramel machiattos, lol, but I just can't wait to see him!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Ugh! For the past month I have been waking up after 3 hours of sleep and not able to go back to sleep for about 2 or 3 hours. I can only sleep 2 to 3 hours at a time. Is this my body's way of preparing me for what's coming up?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Final Countdown

9 month belly
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Today I am 35 weeks pregnant. I got the baby clothes and blankets all clean and put away. I am exhausted most of the time and I am sooooooo big I can't stand it (OVER 200 LBS!) I have 2 working days left before I start my maternity leave; Saturday will be my last day. I get 4 whole months! WooHoo! I seriously thought I would only get like 6 weeks, but the state of California see pregnancy as a disability...soooo.... I can definitely say I feel disabled. Work is almost impossible now. I usually just show up and walk around the store delagating everything, which as a manager I have to do anyway, but I really like to be "working". Getting down to get a book on the bottom shelf for a customer is a major pain and there aren't a lot of projects I can work on when I can't lift or bend. Standing at the cash register all day is out of the question because my feet swell up so badly. So I am very much looking forward to being off work for a few weeks before the baby gets here.
Aaron and I do have a name picked out, but l won't be posting it. I haven't posted my daughters name either and won't until she is 18 and I have her permission (only a few months till then, omg!). For now I'll call him Baby G. :)
I had my baby shower last Saturday. It was a really nice, low-key get-together. I got some cool stuff, but had to do some more shopping yesterday to pick-up the necessities we didn't get because the shower was so small. I truly love everything we got, and most everything came from my list.
I really would love to be getting my apartment clean, but the energy required to do it only lasts for about 15 minutes so not much is getting done. My place is a mess and it's driving me crazy. I am hoping the nesting will kick in soon.