Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-day!

I'm not generally one to celebrate holidays, any holidays; I've been in retail too long and am very jaded about them. But today has been good so far. I got this:

Here's a close up of that little shiny thing on top of the box:

And before anyone says anything about how broke we are and "how could you afford that?!" The ring was free and not gained in any criminal fashion. I was about to pull out a can of kick-ass on him after I found it in the box, after I cried that is. But he let me know how he got it right away, so I hugged him again, and told him what an awesome man he is.

Aaron is the most fabulous thing to ever happen to me (besides having kids). I finally have a lover who is a best-friend, and someone I trust (I have trust issues born from my very selfish father, which I may or may not write about here some day). He is not afraid to express his love for me, he's not afraid to show his emotions to me, and he's someone I can be real with, and I appreciate that.
Love Ya Sweetie!

[Update (1pm): The other gift I got today? A migraine. Thanks so much!]

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Michele said...

Sorry about the migraine.