Monday, February 26, 2007

Playing Around With Template

Just playing around with my template if it keeps changing on you, that's why :)

[Update]: 10 am: Yay! I finally found a three column template. How does it look? I'll probably play around some more, but I think I like it. I also got rid of a lot of extra side bar stuff, but only because I can't remember half of what was there (so why re-add it if I don't even remember it?)

10:15am: Now to figure out how to add my own header.

11:37am: Yay! I did it. Thanks to Tech Trouble! Now...I have to make a new header. (I was trying to make one while holding a squirmy baby, ugh.)

2pm: New header in place. Yay Me! Just need to tweak a few things and I'll be all done. We've got a nice storm coming through now so I may have to turn off the computer, fun.


Michele said...

It looks good! I like it.

Nancy said...

Thank you! Now, that I can change the header I, hopefully, won't be changing the template so often. :)