Friday, February 23, 2007


Aaron has decided that he wants to do a quick, small email game of D&D before we do the RIFTS thing. He got a hold of some old D&D books off Ebay and wants to get used to using them. He wants our "family time" in the future to be RPG time. Which is totally cool with me. Instead of getting together to play Monopoly or Scrabble, we do RPGs, how fun is that?!

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aaron@digitalcole said...

My analysis...
One reason I'm such a proponent of playing RPG's as apposed to "traditional" board games is I want our son to experience games where it's possible to have more then one winner. I'm just not interested in the "1% winner, 99% losers" scenario. If we created games (such as D&D and Rifts) in which there were 99% winners and only 1% losers perhaps we'd have a better society.