Monday, March 12, 2007

Tough Times

I posted on Saturday that I had planned on posting an instructional post (it's not really instructional, just a neat project for the day.)Baby G was having some problems that morning, and I was worried about him, so I just blew everything off for the day. Since he's been sleeping through the night (he's up to eight hours now), we've all been having to make adjustments to our schedules and we're trying to figure out a new schedule for him. I no longer have the time in the morning that I used to have since Baby G is waking up earlier every day and Aaron doesn't wake me up until 8am (I was getting up at 5am). So, I've lost that free quiet time in the morning that I felt so darn lucky to have.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. My daughter turned 18! That just scares the heck out of me. She lives with her father, and he has had a very tight reign on her (military man), telling her that at 18 she can do whatever she wants. Well, this week she is going on a trip to Oregon with a friend for Spring Break. Mom. is. freaking. out.

Also, yesterday was the first time I spent time away from Baby G. Aaron arranged for babysitting and took me to a movie. When I walked out the door I cried, for just a minute. It was tough, but Aaron kept asking if I was okay the whole 4 hours we were out, which just made it a little harder. It was nice of him to be concerned though. We saw 300; not as great as I was hoping.

In two weeks I'll be back at work, so I have a lot of adjustments to make.
I'll try to get that project posted on Friday.

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