Saturday, March 17, 2007

3 Months: Sreaming, Screaming, Screaming, and Sometimes Talking Too (Now With Video!)

Wow, Baby G is 3 months old today! Time has flown. I go back to work in a week and am really going to miss my time with him.

This past month Baby G hit some major milestones. He has neck control and likes to follow us and the cat around the room with his eyes. He is sleeping through the night! He usually sleeps for a good 6 hour stretch, wakes for a bottle and diaper change and then goes back to sleep for 4 more hours. Sometimes he will alter the schedule a bit. He still goes to bed very late and sleeps late into the morning. His awake time during the day has increased greatly. I spend most of my day trying to find new things for us to do; Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Tummy Time, looking in the mirror, reading books (which he doesn't really like right now, which makes Mommy and Daddy bookseller very sad), the list goes on. He also loves to stand up and walk, we think he may skip crawling altogether since he hates Tummy Time so much. I wonder how he will ever learn to roll over or crawl. Yesterday we took a smelly tour of the apartment. We smelled everything that had a nice strong scent, except for the cat box. He loves my Moonlight Path candle. He doesn't like vanilla.
The talking has been really fun. He is getting much better and is starting to mimic the words Hi, Hello, and mom or momma. Occasionally I can swear I hear him say "Oh no!" Momma is usually heard when he is upset. Before bedtime he loves to have a conversation:

He also loves to scream. When he gets very happy he screams something that sounds like YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa!(If he grows up to be a cowboy I will shoot myself, cause y'know Mommas aren't supposed to let their babies grow up to be cowboys.) He does the same thing when he is frustrated or bored. No video of that yet. But we do have video of the Tummy Time Blues. Baby G hates Tummy Time.

He loves bathtime. He spends most of it checking out the baby in the mirror.

I think he's getting tired of having his picture taken though.


Sandra said...

He's gotten so BIGGGG!!! WOW! I don't like cameras either...but only cuz I have such a big butt...and if I could get away with screaming, I would scream too! lololol xox

Nancy said...

Same here! LOL. Thanks for finally visiting. :P