Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Anger Emitting From Me Right Now Could Blow Up the Whole West Coast

We had our son at the hospital back on December 17th 2006. One nice thing the hospital does for you is apply for a social security card for your child. This way you don't have to go through gathering identifying documents and have to take them down to the SS office to apply for a card. In 8 to 10 weeks your card should arrive in the mail. What I thought might happen has happened, because our mail service (Thanks USPS for hiring slackers and thieves (I'm sure they are not all bad, just the ones who deliver to my apartment complex) sucks. Our important papers that we have mailed to us (that require your home address and won't mail to a P.O. Box) almost never show up and we have to go through months of getting replacements, sometimes more than once. It's been 11 weeks and no SS card for my son has shown up. So I called the number provided by the hospital in case this should happen; The Social Security office. What do I have to do? I have no frickin clue! Do I apply for a new card because we don't even have a number yet, or do we apply for a replacement? Either way we have to go through what we would have had to go through without the hospitals help, only waaaaaay later. Taxes are due soon. We had to send Aaron's in already when we wanted to claim Baby G on his, because of my financial issues we won't see any of the money I can get claiming him on mine. I might have to forgo claiming him at all at this rate. Thanks USPS, Hospital and Social Security Administration for adding that extra stress that I REALLY needed right now!!!!
Thank you internet for letting me vent!

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