Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Far Behind

I have so much catch-up to do! I have 347 items in my Google Reader to get through, I have a lot of emails to read, and a lot of stuff offline to do. Tomorrow (technically today) is my day off and I know how I'll be spending it now, geez.

Tonight at work was great. It was going smoothly until I just had to open my big mouth and state, outloud, how good the store looked and that we would get out early. Haha. At that very moment I was supposed to have been counting down the safe, I completely forgot! So the end of day accounting took an hour. Then, I forgot my alarm code! I completely blanked. I kept typing in the same four numbers and they weren't working(probably because it's supposed to be 6 numbers), then I looked through my wallet to find the slip of paper that I had written them on, and of course it's not there. At this point I'm panicking. I have a group of booksellers that want to go home, so I let them go and had two stay behind with me until I could figure out how to get the store closed up. I called my boss, who didn't answer and never called back, then I called one of my coworkers, who was nice enough to call back and give me his code. I finally got out, and got home.

The most interesting customer I have had all week wanted to know where the philosophical foundations in education section was located!? Sure, we have a section dedicated to just that subject right. over. here. Ha! I guess that's a good thing. I keep waiting for the crazy customer, or a "screamer" as we like to call them. Y'know the people who think if they yell loudly and often they'll get their way? But, it's been a decent week so far and everything is going smoothly, except for the few occasions that I have forgotten a procedure or my alarm code.

Tomorrow I'll try to get some pictures up, no promises though. I have to get ready for my Crafty/ DIY post on Friday. I'm trying to keep Friday as a regular crafty or DIY post, and trying to come up with a name for it as well. Any ideas?

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