Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beads Beads Beads

More jewelry

First, I fixed the earrings I had posted a few days ago:

Then I made another set of earrings and a matching bracelet:

Last night before I could go to sleep I had (if you're and artisit you know that feeling) to make another bracelet:


For that one I just sorted through my box of imperfect beads and tossed on the beads that weren't broken onto some memory wire.
Now I just need better lighting for pictures. Aaron is going to make me a light box soon.


Sharon said...

Your jewellery looks great Nancy. I'd love to learn (have loads of beads and stuff) but no time and not very good dexterity :-) A project for the summer hols maybe? My daughter went to a bead party last year and made some lovely stuff so we could do it together.

Nancy said...

Thanks Sharon!
It's a lot easier than it looks. I thought it would be hard, but once I got started I was surprised at how easy it is. :) I haven't gotten to the harder stuff yet though, just earrings and bracelets for now.

Matt said...

You can make a temporary light box with a sheet of glass (or a clean empty fishtank, or clear sheet palstic) your brighest lamp and a pair of chairs. If I remember my stuff from studying photography backing paper can also come in handy for limiting the illuminated area.

If you have access to a clean empty fish tank (for some reason) un creased silver tin foil can be used to reflect more light up.

It's not perfect as you can not shoot straight on but you can use it for under-illumination.

Works better with an antiglar or polorising filter on the camera.

Nancy said...

Thanks Matt! :) I wish I could have a nice DSLR camera as well. I'd like to get the Canon Digital Rebel. For now I am just using my Olympus point and shoot.

The Lone Beader said...

Just stoppin by to say hello. I can't resist anything that has to do with beads! Cheers from Boston=:)

Nancy said...

Hi Lone Beader! Thanks for stopping by! :)