Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Direction

I've been thinking about doing new things with my blog. I'm kinda getting bored with the same old thing everyday "oh, wow, look what I just did." And I'm sure it's quite boring most of the time. I had a website at for 8 years and LOVED it. I loved making the graphics and the games, and the networking. It was a really great site, and very web 1.0. The site came down last month because I couldn't pay the bill any longer, though as soon as I can afford it, I'll be putting it back up; I put way too much work into it to let it go completely.
So, I want to do some new things here. I have tons of ideas, but so many that I can't decide what to focus on. That's where you come in. What do you want to see here? I've put up a poll on the top left sidebar of my blog. I've added some options that are some of the ideas I've had and left an "other" option if you have other ideas.

*Bring Back Reading Watching Listening
I had started Reading Watching Listening last year, but it was hard to keep up with; it takes a lot of work. I'd like to bring it back, but don't know if it is something my readers enjoy.

*Book Reviews
I am a bookseller. I work with books, love them, and spend a lot of time recommending them . I've stayed away from book reviews because I do work with them all day. I'm also not a great review writer, but I'd like to get better, and I do read a lot, and I know books.

*More Pictures Please
I've recently really gotten into taking pictures. I've been reading some photoblogs and trying to implement what I am learning. I'd love to get more practice and share what I'm doing, and get feedback (I love feedback.)

*More About Your Hobbies
I have many hobbies. I do a little beading, and a little knitting, and a little painting, etc. Would you like to see more of what I am working on?

Not really sure yet what I would instruct on, but I do a lot of things and could possibly write post and include pictures on how I do them. Like organizing my bathroom drawers, how to put beads on a basket, or how I organized my bookshelves.

We are getting a camcorder and I'd like to start putting video on here.

Other types of reviews. Reviews of software I'm using, stores I shop at, food I eat, whatever.

Tell me what ideas you have. Do you have an interest that I might enjoy blogging about? Let me know.

The poll has no close date as of yet, so keep the ideas coming, I'd really appreciate it.


Sharon said...

How about a bit of each - share your knowledge etc. Then if you're stuck for an idea in one subject/area you can throw something together about something else. Your readers will be surprised whenever they visit :-)

I liked the idea of sharing your hobbies, I'd like to something creative but don't have the time. I'm also interested to hear that you do some web design - me too!

Nancy said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your comment :) Good idea! I was thinking about that yesterday after I posted. My time for being creative is almost up. I go back to work in a couple weeks :( I'm going to try my best to keep with the hobbies and keep up here. Thanks for your input! :)

Michele said...

I vote for some of everything too. (I didn't know you knit!)
I'd be interested in everything you mentioned. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks Michele :)
I don't know if I can really call myself a knitter though; the only thing I can knit right now are scarves...still haven't learned all the other stuff. :)

Michele said...

Eh, if you can knit a scarf you can knit pretty much anything. Well, as long as you can read the pattern of course LOL