Monday, March 12, 2007

I Should Not Be In Charge of Financial Matters Right Now

Ugh! So I sold some stuff on Ebay recently. I am usually (read always) in charge of putting our stuff up on Ebay to sell. In our relationship I've been regulated to Person In Charge of Finances and Important Decisions. I am more organized, and have taken the financial and managerial classes. It seems my good sense has flown out the door since Baby G arrived. I royally screwed up when deciding how much to charge for shipping and how to ship. We have just paid 3 times what I won for the auction to mail it to the winner. Next time I'll be sure to charge at least double what I think shipping should be. If any one is in the market for unused Playtex VentAir bottles, an unused Baby Bjorn, or some very used baby boy clothes? They'll be up on Ebay soon.

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