Saturday, June 25, 2005

One more day!

Just one more day till I pick up my daughter. I'm really excited!!!
I haven't gotten much done so far. I have half a paper written, got the bathroom straightened up (oh...gotta make a space for her in there!), got some laundry done, and vacuuming. Today I have to get my papers finished and do dishes.

Was just thinking about the fact that I haven't updated (nor posted anything about) my website, Rhowan's Fantasy Castle
I've had that one up for about 6 years and haven't updated it in awhile. I miss the free time to play with that stuff, I miss making the graphics and chatting with my friends in the groups I was/am in. The website needs a serious update though.

The weather today is crappy. It looks like it is going to rain. Makes me want to make some more coffee and play Final Fantasy X
I'm currently playing FFX, again. I keep getting close to the end and realizing I missed stuff. It's a long, involved game, very fun!
I guess I should be getting back to my paper. 700 words about an article on workplace compensation, blah!

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