Saturday, June 11, 2005

Another day (can't come up with clever title)

I love Aaron. He is the coolest guy ever! He got me out of bed this morning and made me go for a walk with him. It is such a nice day out, the walk first thing in the morning was really nice, and I got some much needed exercise. He says we will do it again tomorrow. I had a migraine yesterday so today I feel like a train wreck. I want to sleep so badly, but I have that paper due today. I've only got an outline for it so far. I can toss together a paper pretty quickly, but I am feeling overly self-conscious as my last paper didn't receive high marks. So, I will torture myself all day trying to put together a perfect paper.

Tomorrow we'll be hitting the park, and I'll be working on another paper.
Just two more weeks until my daughter is here for the summer!!! (I'm sooo excited!!!)

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aaron@digitalcole said...

aw...I'm so cool...:)