Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a quick note...

before I head to bed. Got the new fridge today. It really is new. We thought it would be one they just took from another apartment, but nope, it is actually brand spankin new. :)

I survived the overnighters at work and actually felt productive. Got to work from home today on a project for my department.

Aaron took me shopping to get clothes that fit (I also snuck in a little shopping at Newport News tonight online *shhh*). I've been trying to squeeze myself into my jeans everyday, and it just wasn't working anymore :(; I almost called in fat to work on Monday (no kidding). I think I have the smoking thing conquered, so now I need to work on eating better and moving around more. It's hard to find the energy to move around more when you are on your feet all day to begin with. I'll probably never be a size 8 again, not as long as I don't smoke, but if I can at least be a fit size 10 or 12, I'll be content.

I'm freaking out about the weekend. I am behind in class and have a papers due both Saturday and Sunday! *pulling hair out* Got to get to sleeeeeep..........


aaron@digitalcole said... pictures :(

Nancy said...

You live here too, why didn't you take pics for me to post? :P********