Saturday, June 18, 2005

The List

Here is a list of the craziness in my life right now. Not that I am stressed out or anything, lol.

1. I'm getting promoted (it's an awesome thing, but stressful nonetheless).

2. My store has had three visits in the past month, and is now getting ready for a visit from the top guys.

3. I have ten million changes to make in my department before the visit and have only 3 days left.

4. While trying to complete one of them yesterday our store almost caught on fire (not because of what I was doing, it just happened at the same time). We had to evacuate the store and clean-up the store, and our sales were killed because we weren't able to open back up, and I was unable to complete my task.

5. Today at work there is a bookfair and booksigning; we have a visit in three days and a million things to do!!!!

6. I have school work to complete while all of this is going on.

7. I have to work tomorrow! (I don't usually work on Sundays, I have school work due).

8. My daughter is staying the summer with me and will be here in a week; I have not had time to prepare things for her, or me.....

I am exhuasted! Today I have a five year career plan to turn in to school. I have it started at least. Thank God I have a vacation coming in one week.

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