Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I'm almost afraid to say anything, or even believe what I just saw. Maybe the Gods (Goddesses, and whoever else is up there) will take it all back and say, "Oops! Sorry, we were just kidding!" I just took a look at my EOB's at my insurance carriers website, and all I can says is Thank you!!! and cry with relief!
We were not financially in a good place when I found out I was pregnant. We have to have both our incomes just to make it paycheck to paycheck. Baby G was unexpected. I didn't even think I could get pregnant after 17 years, a miscarriage, and medical problems. So, Baby G was a wonderful, precious gift, but financially our lives suck and bringing a baby into it, not a good idea. I have been so stressed out about finances for the past few weeks. We still aren't any better off, even after this good news, but it makes it a hell of a lot better.
Now, if we can just figure out how to afford daycare, when I just recently had to also start paying off my school loans (ouch!). Daycare really should be more affordable, not everyone has the option of having one parent staying home. For us it isn't about extra luxuries. We need one of our paychecks to just pay the rent, the other pays the rest of the bills. Where do you bleed out extra money for daycare that can cost around $1500 to $2000 a month; that's conservative in our area, and especially when you have no blood left to bleed?
Anyway, this news just made my day...I'm gonna go cry some more; darn hormones!

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