Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay, after much thought - I do actually have some time to think, even though my thoughts are marred by sleep deprivation - I have come up with a few goals I would like to achieve before I have to go back to work at the end of March. News Years has passed, and I am not one to make resolutions, so I have some "goals" instead.

1. Quit smoking (again): This is the BIG ONE. I have only been smoking for a couple weeks and I have a good amount of experience with success recently with this one. I had also quit about 2 years ago for 9 months; then started again, smoked for another 9 months, got pregnant, quit for 8 months; have now smoked for two weeks. The major thing will be getting through the withdrawals for one week. I also have a great incentive this time:
I have set a date for January 21st.

2. Start exercising again. This will help with #1. I'm thinking I will break out my old copy of Yourself!Fitness. I did enjoy using it; I just got lazy. I might also get me a copy of Dance Dance Revolution. I am a gaming geek so these should give me a chance to start using my PS2 again and have some fun. (Aaron bought me a copy of Final Fantasy XII, but I have no time to play *cry*)

3. Take up knitting again. I haven't knitted in forever. I have tons and tons of yarn taking up space around here. I also never got past knitting scarves. I'd like to learn how to knit other things.

There are other goals I should set as well, like starting to eating better, but I'd like to get a handle on the non-smoking and exercising first then the diet change can happen.
Obviously I'll be updating my progress here. Hopefully this will keep me in check.

On another note, I need a new title for my blog. Yes, I know, and have known, that my title sucks. When I first started this blog my brain went dead and I could not come up with anything creative. Since then I have just been lazy about coming up with something new. I've been on the net as LadyRhowan for almost 8 years now here. I haven't done much updating to that site in about 3 years, and it shows. I miss working on it and I really miss making graphics, but I feel so far behind in my skill set now....Anyway, so ya, I need to get my creative side back.

Lots of work to do.

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