Sunday, December 02, 2007

Opportunity to Muse

So my babysitter called this morning to say she was sick. I've got no other babysitting options so I had to call my boss. I seem to be on my boss's bad side lately so I was dreading this call. I told her what was going on and asked if I could come into work late. She said "okay" in that voice that just oozes irritation and hung up a little too fast. So, I'm home from work until Aaron gets home and can take over. I was scheduled on a late shift anyway so I'll only be 3 hours late. Oh well, I can see my review next year going down the toilet as I write this...ugh. At least I get to spend a few extra hours with this handsome mug:

Baby G

and that just make it feel so much better.

It also gives me more time to contemplate how to stay home to work. See my post from this morning at Nancy Kay Creations? Can I do it? I don't know. I'm so random in my creativity. I'm going from one thing to the next so quickly that I really haven't mastered anything to the point that I feel it's good enough to charge people money for it. Or, am I being to hard on myself? What are my other options?

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