Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Favorite Words

Got another tag from SavvySuzy to post here. The rules for this one had me somewhat stumped so I'm doing my best here. The rules are as follows:

* what are your favourite words, and why?
* what does that tell us about you?
* write about it on your blog and invite other bloggers to write about it.
* link back to this blog (change therapy at, and i’ll
gather the words and contributors in a list and publish it
* stumble your “favourite word” post (as long as they meet my stumble criteria, which shouldn’t be difficult with a post like this)

Without further ado here is a list of a few of my favorite words:

My Favorite Words

1.Vesuvius – I need to get this one out of the way first. This has always been one of my most favorite words. I know it’s a strange favorite word to have being that it’s a place name, but I have always loved just saying it; vuh-soo-vee-uh s.

2.Awesome – I had to add it as it’s a word I love saying apparently because I say it all. the. time. I also have not mentally matured since High School, ha! defines Awesome as
1.inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2.showing or characterized by awe.
3.Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

My use of the term ranks at number 3 in that list. Everything is very impressive to me.

3.Neurotic – I am neurotic and I like saying neu•rot•ic.

4.Wonderful – There are some words that describe good things that I like as well. Wonderful is a wonderful example of a word I say often that sounds nice.

5.Crafty – This is a word I have been saying a whole lot lately. I've always been crafty, but I’ve been on a particularly extreme crafty kick for the past couple years and being crafty, or saying crafty has become an everyday thing for me.

So, what do these words say about me? Vesuvius shows my interest in things far away and exotic sounding, Awesome shows my fun side, Neurotic lets you know that I am comfortable with my neurosis, Wonderful shows you that I can appreciate the good things in life, and crafty lets you know that I have a strong artistic side to me.

Hope that came out well. You who are reading this blog are hereby tagged. Let us know what your favorite words are and what they reveal about you.


isabella mori said...

hey, thanks for participating. love the vesuvius part. it sounds very ... ancient, doesn't it?

Nancy said...

Hi Isabella,
Thank you for offering up this great exercise. I really enjoyed it! :)

Suzy said...

Oh, I get it, as in Mt. Vesuvius, and volcano. Very interesting. The word "awesome" is one I like to use quite a bit, too! Now, "crafty" that's something I aspire to be better at. Thanks again I enjoyed your list. :)

Nancy said...

That's right, Mt. Vesuvius. When I read about it as a child I always just loved to say it, still do. Thanks for the tag Suzy. :)

Sharon said...

Slightly off topic but I know you'll forgive me! It was Vesuvius that reminded me - when I was young I used to say that volcanoes 'interrupted' instead of 'erupted'. Got teased a lot but, in my eyes, that's what volcanoes did - they interrupted people :-)

Nancy said...

I think that's cute. ;) They do interrupt people, don't they?
I've heard that Mt. Vesuvius is overdue for a major eruption.