Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More Clean

Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl gave her readers a project and in my effort to get my laptop cleaned up I took on the project. I made my desktop nicer to look at, loaded the picture to my Flickr account and tagged the picture “desktopahh." Here's my new clean desktop:

New Clean Desktop

Check out the other beautiful desktops here.


Sharon said...

What a lovely Flickr name you have! Maybe I should post my desktop too. It is quite tidy anyway - little angl I am lopl.

Thanks for your comments on my blog, can't you get Nabaztags in the US?

Nancy said...

Y'know what? I looked at Amazon after I commented on your blog...and yep, they've got 'em. They cost a little more though. I'll have to put some money away for awhile. :)
My Flickr name has been my online identity for years and years from back when I kept up my personal website, I didn't start using my real name until I started this blog. :)