Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mondo Beyondo Part 2

Part 2 of Mondo Beyondo has been a little difficult for me. I'm doing it way late, and I think part of that is because I'm a little scared to really ask for what I want. The other part is that I've really been focused on my school work whenever I have some free time, but there has been some time when I could have done this. So, I want to get it out there before January ends and here it is, my list of what I want for 2008 including the BIG FAT SCARY THING:

* Finish my degree. This one seems easy as I have only two classes to complete to be done, but in my paranoid mind I keep coming up with scenarios that would hinder my progress, like my financial aid not coming through for the last class or something.

* Get my apartment cleaned and organized. This one is a tough one and will take quite a lot of work. My apartment is a maze of stuff that just keeps growing no matter how much I get rid of.

* Quit smoking. This is the year I will finally quit for good. I'm going to plan it better this time and start once the BIG stressor is out of the way; school.

*Focus on learning to make good quality jewelry. So far this has been a great hobby and I am having tons of fun with it and would like to learn even more and get better at it.

The Big Scary Thing:

Start a Business. I want to be doing something I love and enjoy, I am tired of working for "the man" and dealing with the corporate mentality all day everyday. This year I will make a big change and make myself happy.


Sharon said...

You will do it Nancy - I believe in you! I'm hoping that I can get my own web design business going as I can't face going back to work for, as you say, 'the man'. Don't think of it as the 'big scary thing' but as the piece of chocolate after ages dieting :-P

Nancy said...

Thank you! :)

Nancy said...

It's now 2012. I have accompished everything on the list. I finished my degree in 2008. I quit smoking in 2008. We cleaned out the apartment and moved in 2010, and I now own my own jewelry business. I do still work in a corporate retail environment; bills gotta get paid and medical insurance is needed.