Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to Busy

Has it really been two weeks since I posted?! I swear it seems like it's only been two days. I started back to school on the 8th and have been absorbed in Biology since then. I've made a few visits to some blogs while I was supposed to be doing homework, but for the most part I've been immersed in DNA, RNA, and nucleotides. I'm far behind in blog postings. I still need to post Mondo Beyondo part 2, and I haven't done Baby G's 13 month update. I hate to say that I haven't been taking pictures either *hides head in shame*. Since I am caught up with school work I can try to remedy that tomorrow; I hope. I am beginning to get super excited because after this class? I have only two more to complete and then I will have my degree! WooHoo! I have worked so dang hard for this and am so proud that I have hung in there. Okay, I have to go play and then try to get some sleep, I have another loooong day ahead tomorrow.

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