Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Clean Up

I have to get ready for work in a couple of hours and wanted to get started on some cleaning on my computer. There is a long list of things to clean and organize on this here laptop. I figured I'd start with something easy today; my Google Reader. I have 63 subscriptions at the moment, and that is after deleting some subscriptions I no longer read just a few days ago. I also had over 1000 (Google doesn't give an exact count over that number) of unread items. So right now I am going through and deleting the majority of these items and starring the items I really want to keep and read later. It shouldn't take me too long and then I can start fresh for the New Year and get on to cleaning out one of my email accounts that has 9906 (you read that number correctly) unread emails. Some of that number may be spam, but the majority is newsletters I never read and receipts for items purchased or confirmations for websites I signed up at. I keep two separate email addresses, one for personal mail, and the other for everything else.

Happy 2008!

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