Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Think I May Just Be Losing It

After being away from the computer all day and then just now looking at my blog...ugh. I hate it. I'll have to try something else.

[Update] Having even worse luck now...I've completely wiped out my widgets. Welcome to my mess. I think the best Ill be able to accomplish at this point is getting a basic template up and reworking the whole thing.

Maybe I'll just have to move to WordPress after all. I miss being able to work on my website and have just the way I like before I upload it. I can do that with WordPress right?


Sharon said...

I've been thinking about other blogging platforms recently. I've looked at Joomla and Textpattern which are more content management systems rather than 'just' for blogging. There are free templates available and the ability to play with the html/css if you wish. I do use wordpress for my ITPro stuff ( but haven't played with the template as it's done through the magazine.

Nancy said...

I'm actually looking forward to making the move to WordPress. For about 5 years I ran my own website and then started school and the website got left by the wayside, now I have forgotten most of the coding. Which is sad because I used to hand code my website in notepad; I even made my own graphics. Some of it has come back to me as I've worked on my blog here, but I look forward to learning more as I get my site set up on WordPress. I need to go through and bookmark your sites so I can take a good look when I have some free time. :)