Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crazy Days

This week, and the past weekend, has been nuts. On Friday I came down with a bad case of bronchitis. I had to call in sick on Saturday which made my boss have to work an entire day; from open to close. I felt horrible.

On Saturday night we noticed a red bump on Baby G's leg in the same spot where he had had his most recent vaccination just the week before. It looked like a bug bite, but we didn't really think anything of it - his vaccination had been over a week ago. The next day though the bump was twice the size as the night before and there was a lump under his skin.

So, on Monday morning I had to get the both of us to the doctor. Baby G's pediatrician has drop in hours between 9am and 9:30am. I called my doctor's office at 8:30am to find out if I could get seen that morning. Lucky me, they had an opening at 10am. So we got to the pediatricians at 9am. The doctor said it could be a staph infection and prescribed some antibiotics. We were out of there at 9:45am. I had to be at my doctors office in 15 minutes! I made it there at 9:57am exactly. Got my prescription for antibiotics and we were on our way to the drug store.

Now, I hate taking medication, and one of the things I love about my doctor is that she doesn't hand out prescriptions willy nilly. She will try to find other ways, if possible to fix the problem. For my migraines, which I get once a month, instead of writing out a prescription for the latest migraine medicine she advised me to keep track of my schedule and take a dose of Tylenol or ibuprofen that day. And you know what? It's working.

So, Baby G and I are both on antibiotics, he's feeling great, I'm feeling better. Hopefully I'll be back to new soon. In the meantime I am trying to concentrate on school and getting my apartment cleaned up.


Sharon said...

My crazy day was Valentine's Day. Spent the morning at my doctors and then the vets - I was longer at the doctors! Turns out I probably have bursitis in my left hip and Neo has just eaten something that disagreed with him. So I'm on ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and Neo has some clay-like mixture we have to syringe down his throat 2-3 times a day. Oh what fun! Have you ever tried to shove anything down a wriggling, squirming cat's throat?? Miaaoow! We made the decision to get him when he's half asleep and that seems to be working lol.

Hope you both feel better soon

Nancy said...

Oh, Sharon, ouch! I hope your bursitis gets better. I remember when my kitty had a urinary tract infection, he almost died. We had to give him medicine for awhile and boy was that tough. Kitties do not take medicine well. Hope you both feel better soon too. :)