Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Tired Introvert

Work is kicking my butt, especially since I have no free time anymore. I'm an introvert and I need time alone, to recuperate.
A quote from Wikipedia gives a fairly good definition of introversion:

Introversion is "the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life". [1] Introverts tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberate, and relatively non-engaged in social situations. They take pleasure in solitary activities such as reading, writing, watching movies, inventing, and designing. An introverted person is likely to enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people (although they may enjoy one-to-one or one-to-few interactions with close friends).

Johnathan Rauch sums it up even better in his article Caring for Your Introvert:

Do you know someone who needs hours alone every day? Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk? Who has to be dragged to parties and then needs the rest of the day to recuperate? Who growls or scowls or grunts or winces when accosted with pleasantries by people who are just trying to be nice?

I need time alone. I'm not getting much time alone lately, heck, I'm not getting any time alone, and having to be out in public for 8 hours a day is sucking the life out of me. Time outside of work is spent constantly multitasking.

I've got all these great ideas for my blog and have not had time to put anything together. I'm hoping I'll be able to get started this week. So please bear with me while I try to get my stuff together, I may post intermittently.


Sharon said...

Boy do I hear you Nancy! That is me more a less to a 'T'. We'd had the workmen in for ages (you've read my blog) and that drove me nuts because I didn't have my alone time. You must be climbing the walls by now...

So here's a big {{{{hug}}}} to keep you going and a wish that you get a chance to recharge in silence sometime soon.


Nancy said...

Thank you! :)
I think I may try to snag some pamper time tonight; a bubble bath and good book should help.

Pam said...

I can sooo relate to this! I actually wrote an article on surviving as an introvert in an extraverted work world recently, and described much of the same feelings you outline here.