Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth...Yet

Ya, I've been super busy. This week I've been working odd shifts and I'm supposed to be writing a strategic analysis for class. For my team project due next week, I have to do a SWOTt.

Baby G is making huge leaps in his development. He is now sitting up on his own, and can look around at his environment while keeping his balance.

He's also eating solid food now. So far just the rice cereal. He didn't take well to the oatmeal.

We have lucked out in the short term for child care. We have a friend who's between jobs who will be watching him until she finds a new job. Aaron starts back to work on Tuesday.

I miss my blog and my wonderful readers and new friends terribly. I hope I can get in here more often. I also miss doing a craft post every week. Once things get situated, I hope to get back into all of this. Thank you for visiting and for your patience.

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