Friday, May 27, 2005

Why did I start a blog?

I was thinking about this at 6 this morning. I was thinking, "geez, everything I have posted so far is utterly boring, why did I start this?" Well, I had to remind myself that I didn't start the blog to be a fabulous writer or to make my life look overly interesting; I just want to keep my friends and family up-to-date. I am really difficult to get a hold of, and if they can check this out occasionally, then they can see what I have been up to or how I am feeling at the moment. I should get in here more often and post more substantially. I guess I am just getting used to this format still. I will keep going, and learn, and hopefully get better at posting.

On a very happy note...we had a great visit at work today. One of the "Big Guys" came for a visit and was very pleased with our store. He was so pleased that he scheduled his own boss to come for a visit next month. Will the madness never end? We have had 3 visits in one month and now another. We are all so tired, but the good thing is that we are getting the support from the higher-ups that we need. Also, I may be getting promoted soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. I haven't gotten an official offer, but I have the blessing of my boss's boss. My department still needs to set in motion some new changes and I need to find a replacement. I am very pleased, and excited about the coming changes.

My three day weekend is starting a little early (like right now). Hopefully I won't get too bored. I am so used to "going" all the time that three whole days off with no work or school is a little scary.


Sandra said...

pfft...too much time on yer hands? Call Sandra! lol

Chill will get the promotion! =)

omg...I'm sick...I think I have replied to almost all yer posts! lol And yer blog is not boring...I found it a fun and interesting read! Ok, back to my boring laundry. *hugz*

Sandra said...

Laundry is boring!!! haha

Last of X said...

Interesting post about blogging. Also, cool cat picture. ;)