Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fun Day Off

I finally finished the scarf I started last winter. I had so many things going on and had lost my tapestry needle, so I just never got around to getting it completed. All I needed to do was get the fringe on. This is my very first scarf with fringe. I have one more niece to knit a scarf for (it's halfway complete) and they will be nice and warm next winter ;)

Scarf for niece

My first real day off yesterday was nice. Got to talk with my daughter for a good long time. I also got to talk with my best friend for a good long time; she had a blast in Disneyland recently, I was very happy for her because she had never gone before. I can't wait to go again. Her and I are going to take our daughters together. :) That should be a blast. I also got some Sims time in yesterday; I haven't played the Sims (2) in awhile. I really should do some cleaning today.

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Sandra said...

omg omg omg! Disneyland is teh rox0r! lol We are so on for the next trip and we will have to get Aaron on a rollercoaster or two, too! haha }:->

I love the scarf! Too bad I'm not into scarves...I would request one just like that one! lol *needs to dig out her knitting kit and USE IT!* :b

mmk, I gotta get all this crap done so I can get ready to go see Episode III! w00tah! =)

P.S. I am caught up on yer bloggy now. :b