Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pain and Fatigue

I woke up this morning with burning pain all over. My toes, the bottoms of my feet, the joints in my fingers, my knees, and even near my armpits.  It's a day to stay off the computer and rest, but there is too much going on.

I still prefer this burning and aching to the nausea and headaches. I wanted to end it, seriously. The pain was too much. It was like migraine, but worse. Still not sure if it was the Naproxen, but I'm on day 4 of not taking it and haven't had nausea since day 2 and the head pain is gone. Now it's just the burning and aching, and the grogginess from the Norco, and tiredness.

Found this last night while looking up autoimmune issues. I love the Spoon Theory. It explains so much about what it is like to live with real fatigue.

*Edit 10/14/12: I have a migraine. Not sure what triggered it. Wondering if I should try going back on the Naproxen. I see the Rheumatologist next week.

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