Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting Closer to D Day (Doctor Day) and More Pain

Things have been about the same, but somewhat worse. The pain I am in at the end of the day is tiring. My hand muscles are usually very weak all the time now. Typing is more work.

I've gotten my computer set up for using with my voice. I'm just using the voice activation that is built into Windows 7. That should help. I'll need to get used to speaking out loud. I am in my head so often, and for so long, that speaking out loud is strange to me. Just waiting for the headphone with microphone I ordered to arrive, and I'll be all set.

Last Thursday I was feeling like I had a little more energy, so I decided to do some house cleaning. I got as far as setting aside some boxes to go to the basement, and putting some things away, when my joints decided they didn't like that. They ended up doing this:

Right then I wanted to just cry. Why can't I just do normal stuff? I just want a clean house, dammit. 

This morning, while making breakfast, I felt a burning itch in my lower back, along the spine. By the time I was sitting and eating, the burning was in my upper back, and my armpits. What is that? A quick Google search didn't get me much but some things about nerve pain and rheumatoid of the spine. Is it really that bad, when my last blood tests came out fine and the xrays showed nothing? What is up? It's all so frustrating and scary. 

Just a couple more days. I see the Doctor on Monday.I'm hoping that he can give me something to ease my mind until he has definitive answers, which could take some more time. 

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