Thursday, November 08, 2007


Okay, its the middle of the night, I'm exhausted beyond words, and I really want to sleep, but I can't; I have a short story to finish writing (so why am I posting on my blog? I don't have an answer for that). Because I am so tired, and because in the middle of the night I like to be spontaneous and crazy, I figured I'd go ahead and share one of the poems I wrote for class. It's a sonnet. Don't laugh. I haven't gotten my grade back or feedback on this yet, so I don't know how well, or unwell, I did. It's changed somewhat from the original, and I'm still not sure if I'm happy with it...but I put it out there regardless.

Love’s Fire
By Nancy

In the beginning love is red
The fires do burn hot
A chemical cocktail your brain is fed
Sweet and pure, it’s not

The honeymoon is over
Love’s fire does still burn true
Sweet and pure, love may now hover
A precipice looms new

Years go by and children come
The fire beings to die
To life we have succumb
In despair we heave a sigh

Love’s fire must be stoked
Or pain and loss provoked

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