Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Things that are irritating me right now:

1. The headers for my blogs won't stay up. I have to keep going into my layout and resaving them to get them to show up. I do not have time to do this every day Blogger people! can I get my headers to show up and stay up?!

2. I took a day off of work yesterday specifically because Baby G would be at the babysitters; so I could get some things done, like cleaning and baby proofing. I got absolutely nothing done yesterday, other than dishes and getting some foam on sharp corners. Why? Because we have too much crap in this house and there is absolutely no place to put any of it. I kept trying to go through things and would be like "okay I have no where to put this, where to put this. Ya, no where to put this either." I can only go through and throw out stuff so many times. I've exhausted my stash of stuff...everything I now own, I need.

That's it, just needed to vent somewhere....Thank you very much!

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Sharon said...

I have a total clutter problem! I once tried the (I think that's the address). Some of it's a bit much but there are some good ideas. I need a full day to sort my daughter's room! She's got the smallest room but the most stuff as she's into Playmobil, and then there's all the 'girlie' stuff that she accumulates. The rest of the house will have to wait lol. Hope your rant has made you feel better x