Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Far Behind

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!
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I'm so far behind in posting (August 20th!!!) I totally missed posting pictures of my pregnancy for month 5 and don't even have any of month 6, ugh.
I've been busy getting the house cleaned out and organized. My best friend of 27 years came out to help me get things started and on the right track and now I have a much cleaner, organized home. It's still hard to keep it clean constantly; work just wears me out, and who wants to clean after running around on their feet all day?. I at least now spend less time cleaning when I do finally get around to it. We got the bedroom cleaned out and just have a couple things to move out so that we can put in a crib for the baby and I've got drawers for his things now.
The big news this past month is that my evil step-mother has finally left this world. Not only was this woman the epitome of the evil step-mother, she was a hateful, spiteful, evil person who took joy in hurtng others. I cannot describe the relief that I, and a few other people feel right now.
Okay, so I'll post the 7 month pics shortly. If I have forgotten anything I'll post it in the next post.

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