Sunday, October 08, 2006

7 months Pregnant!

7 months2
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I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has passed. Just another week and half and I'll be 8 months pregnant. The past couple months have been a roller coaster ride. During month 5 and 6 I felt great; my morning sickness went away and I had gained back some of my energy. Now in month 7 I am tired a lot, I am achey a lot, I have swollen feet a lot, I am in general pain a lot. I can not wait for this to be over, yet I fee like I need more time to prepare. We still need to look into daycare. In this area and at the amount of pay Aaron and I make, there is no way that one of us could stay home; it takes one of our pay checks just to pay the rent. We can't afford day care, but we also can't afford to lose one paycheck. We also still need to tour the hospital. We opted not to take the childbirth classes; we can watch videos at home for free, or almost free and I've been through labor before.
The baby is moving, a lot. He is very scares me just a little, lol. So I have to go clean now.....but I think I would rather take a nap. I also noticed that I have not posted my Recently Watching and Listening posts...I'll have to pick that up again...geez....

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