Thursday, October 12, 2006

Making Progress

Today I had my OB visit. My tests all came out great...I passed the glucose screening and I don't have gallstones. I was so happy to hear all that! The only problem I have is that my iron levels are a little low so I need to supplement. The Doctor didn't mention my wieght this visit, I was frankly surprised since I gained another 7lbs. since last months visit. During the last visit she threatened to put me on a diet and told me not to gain more than 2lbs. a month. I'm so going back to smoking after I'm done breastfeeding!!!!
I managed to get pre-registered for the hospital today; it's great to be able to do it online. I also got the times for the hospital tours which we need to do soon. I also spent an hour and a half making up a list of supplies for me and the baby for the hospital and the first six weeks so I can check stuff of as I get it, and pack it. Just a couple months to go....

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