Monday, May 21, 2012


The past week has been pretty busy. A good week, but stressful in new ways. The things to do keep piling up and new responsibilities keep getting added. I did not let go of Facebook, and I am still teetering on the edge with that. I find myself logging in too often. The first few days were easy. Now that I know I am keeping it, I find it too easy to log in and out.

My day job boss has added more hours to my schedule, so I am pretty much full time now. There is good and bad there. Good: money and affordable benefits, Bad: no time for me or my business. I have to give up my life again. Sigh. Trying to figure out how to make it all work; day job, business, homeschool, me.

So, I have my lists of things to do in each room to get the house in tip top shape. I got more checked off today, but still tons to do. The laundry room is now clean and organized. We added a new hamper from Ikea to keep the clothes off of the floor. We also got a new indoor recycling bin, with a lid, so that is all neat and clean as well. Grayson also got his very own hamper in his room so he has a place to keep his dirty clothes rather than on the floor. Progress.

Grayson will start homeschool in August and we are in the process of signing him up for soccer. We are all excited about it, and it will be a new, big, experience for Grayson.

I've also been helping Aaron with his photography business.

Yesterday we did the local Family Fest event. It was a huge success. Aaron demoed his portrait process and took portraits of people . He'll be sending everyone a free low res copy in their email and information on his portrait packages. 

I think that is it for now. Back to the drawing board and figuring out new ways of trying to do it all. 

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