Friday, June 01, 2007

Rockin and Rollin

Ha! I got the June header up right on time. I was determined not to forget after forgetting last month's header for almost two weeks.
Time is flying and so much is going on. I'm still struggling through work/school/life; trying to juggle it all. My daughter should be here tomorrow (yay!) and Baby G is developing so quickly.
Baby G spends his Wednesdays with another baby (another Baby G) who is 3 months older than he is. So he is watching the things this other Baby G can do and wanting to do them as well. Yesterday we saw him try to get up in a crawling position for the first time; the other Baby G is crawling and I can only imagine my Baby G watching this and thinking "I wanna do that too!" So he's lifting his butt up now and trying to rock back and forth and is moving himself backwards a lot. It's so darn cute!
We got our new cell phones in the mail today. LG CU400s So far we like them a lot. Nice big key pad for my clumsy fingers and they take video so we can show of video of Baby G when we are out and about.
Work has been major sucky and stressful. I wish I could go into more detail, but I can't. Home life is really stressful too so life in general is, well...stressful.
What I'm looking forward to is our trip to Seattle in July for a friends wedding. I haven't been to Seattle since 1992. I went up there looking for a job and to set up life there at one time. It didn't pan out, but I ended up in San Francisco, so that was okay by me. I did like it up there, except for the weather; it rained every day I was there, for over a month.
I should be in bed sleeping right now. Baby G will be up in just a few short hours. I have so much to do tomorrow, ugh!
I'll be back to update again, soon I hope.

The pictures in the header were taken in San Francisco (duh) in July of 2005. A typical summer day in SF. We played tourist that day and hung out at Pier 39 and took the ferry ride around the Bay, under the Golden Gate and by Alcatraz. Tons of fun doing things you normally wouldn't do living in the area.


Anonymous said...

"Work has been major sucky and stressful"

I know how that can be, and then life on top of it. I hope things settle down for you a bit.

It's great watching those little firsts, isn't it. I remember when my boy's started crawling for the first time. One used to crawl on his belly for the longest time. It was so cute and man did he get around!

Take care;

Nancy said...

Hi Anna,
Thank you! :)