Thursday, June 14, 2007

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive - just barely. Things are still hectic and crazy and life is "full" (a positive spin). My daughter has finally taken our advice and decided to move here. Yippie! So we are trying to figure out the logistics of that to make it work out for everyone. We can't move in to a two bedroom apartment just yet, so three adults and a baby in a one bedroom is going to be quite fun, ha. Tonight we are going to see a financial planner (for free) to help us look at stuff and figure out how best to save money we don't have. Sometime this weekend I'll be getting Baby G's six month update posted. Wow, 6 months already! Right now I've got an apartment to clean and homework to do and a baby to watch. Just wanted to get in here and say "I'm still alive!"


Sharon said...

Glad to hear from you Nancy. I've not been posting much lately either, I'm kinda written-out after assignments and exams so I've just been catching up on housework and paperwork and other boring stuff. Hope you get to move and all settle down together soon. x

Nancy said...

Hi Sharon,
I know what you mean about "written-out". I'm so burned-out right now, and barely keeping up with homework. Thanks for stopping by :)