Saturday, December 02, 2006

This Is How I Am Spending My Maternity Leave?

I had every intention, when I got up this morning, to gets some cleaning and organizing done today. What did I do instead? I spent the whole day at the computer. I at least got some pictures printed for family members with no computers. Here's a list of the links I enjoyed today:

1. Troll Baby
2. a garden of nna mmoy
5.Notes from the Trenches
7.The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
and my most favorite link of the day:
8.No Christmas For You

Hopefully tomorrow I will get my butt in gear and get some cleaning done.


Michele said...

The computer is just a great big time sucking machine, isn't it? Sometimes I waste HOURS on here and have no idea where I was or what I was doing. I need an intervention!

Nancy said...

It's horrible. At least this morning I got something done before I am struggling with should I play a game, or surf, or find new blogs to read? Or, should I just turn the darn thing off and clean my apartment?! :)