Friday, December 08, 2006

Bladder Control Test

UGH! Today I had an ultrasound done. It was a little late, but now I have an idea of how big Baby G may be right now (7lbs.). What was really interesting, was to find out that had I had this ultrasound earlier, like I should have, I would have been put on bed rest; my cervix is way too small. As the Tech said today though, "that doesn't matter now." I am full-term now so I don't need to worry about being as careful. What sucked about the whole ultrasound thing though was that they said I HAD to drink 6 glasses of water one hour before my appointment so that my bladder would be full. I have spent the past two weeks waiting for this appointment in a state of fear. I didn't even drink the whole six glasses this morning, I only had 4 and a half! By the time they called me in, I was about to cry and almost couldn't lay down on the table. The tech felt so bad that she took a really quick picture of my cervix and said I could just go pee before she continued with the rest of the ultrasound. AHHHHH! I spent the rest of the ultrasound alternately in pain from having to lie on my back or being really happy to see my perfectly formed little boy. Aaron massaged my back while we watched the screen, and we got to see Baby G sucking on his right index finger; it was too cute!
I'm just glad the day is over.

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