Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Process of Organization, or Why I Love IKEA

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Aaron and I have a lot of junk. We are both over 30 and we both hate to throw things away. We also both work in the retail book business; both of us for more than 7 years each. This has caused an over abundance of books in our home. Over the past year, we have gotten better at getting rid of things we don't need, but with a baby on the way now it is imperative that we get rid of and organize our stuff. With that in mind we headed out to IKEA yesterday and spent the entire day (except for the two hours we were in the movie theatre next door watching Clerks II) going through IKEA and finding things that would help us in our quest to organize the things we can't get rid of. The day was a success. As soon as we got home I organized cupboards and made more room in them while Aaron put together yet another bookcase, in which I inserted little canvas boxes to hide away clutter. We are going back today to get some more of what has worked so well and a dinning room table; I am so tired of eating my meals in front of the television, and once we have a child I am adamant that we have a place for family dinners. Now I just have to finish putting books in the bookcase, and probably getting one more (we only have room for one more in the apartment) and then we have a game plan for clearing out the outside storage to fit more of what's in our spot for the crib in there. Still lots of work to do, but I am happy to see that we are making progress.

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