Thursday, July 13, 2006

Month 4...Lactose Issues

I have been having such an issue with indigestion that I finally realized that it could be lactose intolerance. I'M PREGNANT AND I CAN"T EAT ICE CREAM!!!! The injustice! So I am going to try to be dairy free for the next few days and see if it helps. I ate a couple of shredded chicken tacos last night with just the chicken and lots of dark green lettuce and I felt fine afterwards; I haven't had an issue yet. My doctor recommended that I supplement with Tums, so I am eating lots of Tums now.
I'm going to try to get a belly shot up soon; I just want to post one that doesn't look like I belong in front of a trailer; in the last one I took I was in my jammies and had my shirt hiked up and my pants underneath the was bad....

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